Monday, February 1, 2010

change in me

afraid of vulnerability

fear of what it would reveal

scared from insecurity

my mind crosses way

as I dream to change

i look at me everyday

Who i see is someone who wants to be loved

and wants to love back safely

someone who wants to be transparent no matter what

but when i walk through the door of days

My actions make a quick slip

and instead of getting back up

i sit in my puddle of pride

refusing to accept the faulty step

the pain and hurt is caused

I try to hide

I lay there in despair

for all that I wanted to be that day

all that I planned to succeed in

goes unresolved because I am not brave

It is when I realize that I Am safe

that nothing can happen to me

i will remain unharmed

Because of The savior of the world

He cares and Loves for me

more than I shall ever fathom

He holds me close

and will not abandon me

he stays no matter the hardship

because My savior, The Holy one,

He paid the ultimate hardship

on the cross he bore my sin

my sin that ultimately causes me my Pain

and though I fall and hold tight to my pride

He lifts me up and graces me with his humbleness.

He looks in my eyes and pierces me with love and light

and He shows me how to forgive

and tells me this in not my fight.

He carries me and undoubtedly will not let me down

and I will never forget

the price He paid when he wore the painful crown

when I cry and I weap for loss

I have to remember that He sobbed,

and mourned for the broken

for those who would never accept his Love

and for that they have been robbed

taken by the world

and they know not of the thief.

so as I grow weary in my vengeance

as my anger becomes my delight

My heart pounds within me

for I know the hand that holds me tight.

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