Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A gift, My Juicer.

Well first and foremost anytime you can get your kid to consume spinach, kale, apples, carrots, cucumber and so on its a miracle. And let me tell you my juicer is a miracle. I have wanted a juicer for the longest time. It goes back to when i lived in Washington and my cousin introduced me to wheat grass shots. I gotta say YUM! i was hooked and obsessive about getting a juicer. One morning at my moms house during one of our usualy routines of coffee mornings, we were talking away and in the background is a infomercial for a Jack Lalanne Elite Juicer! My mom didn't just order nor did she get two, YUP! she orders three!! And turns to me and says "that's your Christmas present" and smiles. It was a wonderful gift that i have had now for years and I tell anyone and everyone I can to "get this juicer". Although it may not do wheat grass as nicely as i would like. It rocks! and the benefits of juicing are far to many to not like the idea of juicing. I will probably talk more on juicing later. But for now i Just got excited and wanted to share my joys this morning and Juicing it definitely one of them!

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