Monday, February 1, 2010

Londa Darlene

to weak to speak

to tired to hold on

I find that place i seek

I hardly understand

that place i will land

but assuredly i know

the place i will go

forever is my guarantee

my savior I will see

my knees no longer sore, from all the days i have fallen

my eyes no longer weary for all the tears i have cried

and mostly, no more disappointment within

fears i will let go

naturally my spirit will rest

fighting is no longer my battle

though i will miss you never the less

here on earth i leave those I love

But in heaven

I join the one that saved me

as I mount up on the wings of an eagle

i am free

and though you might not believe

one day you will see

My heart still holds you tight

I will always have my hand in yours

and the canvas we painted together in this life

will never fade

for what a beautiful life we made

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