Thursday, February 4, 2010

When words come alive.

Isak Samuel Hahn.
Eleven wonderful months.
What a wonderful, beautiful exciting eleven months it has been. Isak was going to originally be Lyrik Kaemon Hahn. My song, my joy. That is what it means. Kaemon originated from Kaye, after my late sister Amanda Kaye. From the begining God had a different idea with Isak than I did for myself. Isak was always Isak it just took me time to accept that. Isak comes from laughter. With the onset of londas cancer being the same time we found out we were due to have Isak. It was only fitting to follow through with the name Isak, which is laughter. And let me tell you why. Londa was Laughter. She embodied a laugh that was only infectious. Sometimes I didnt know why something was so funny to her. But she would laugh away, and her whole body would laugh. She would laugh from her soul. Now that's quite a joy. When Isak entered the world of course we thought he was pretty special. But I had no idea he would be all that he is and then some. Isak got his grandmas laugh. With her being gone now, its so amazing to see her laugh in him.

Isak not only laughs just like his Grandma, but it doesnt take much to get him to laugh either. I love that. Simple Joy. Well recently Isak has began to take on words and they are coming alive. Pouring out of him like water of a faucet. Its new everyday. His words that are coming alive are Twacor(tractor), cwacker(cracker), brodder(brother), wag(dog), ball and now its HIKE! His first action word and he certainly play the part well. Daddy has taught Isak to bend down and say HIKE. He then runs the ball to me occasionally fumbling. His words are coming alive. We have such joy in this little guy. He brings us a newness of laughter we needed in the time of loss. Isak is still my song on life but more so my laughter.

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